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It's time to electrify everything

We’re making home electrification easy.
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We can do it

Together we can create a sustainable energy economy

Why it matters

Cars and home appliances drive 40% of US carbon emmissions

Where we come in

We make it seamless to switch to electric alternatives

Who we are

Builders accelerating home electrification.

What we’re building

A seamless way to buy home electrification upgrades online.

Why we’re building it

We believe in an electric, sustainable future.

Our team

We are Kopperfield, nice to meet you!

Headshot of Mark Wong
Mark Wong

Co-founder and CEO

People want to go electric and I want to help them. Lets do this!

Headshot of Jesse Vaughan
Jesse Vaughan

Co-founder and President

Committed to protecting our beautiful planet and the humans who live on it.

Headshot of Elena Knox-Oliver
Elena Knox-Oliver

Project Coordinator

Passionate about supporting the path to a healthier planet for all beings.

Headshot of Aaron Forsander
Aaron Forsander


Dedicated to finding a way for people and the planet to thrive together.

Headshot of Yaozhong Kang
Yaozhong Kang


Keen to use technology to improve the well-being of human life and our planet.

Headshot of Clare Rubin
Clare Rubin

Product and Operations

Motivated by the great people I work with and the meaningful problems we’re trying to solve.

Headshot of Ashwin Basana
Ashwin Basana

Finance & Operations

Energized by nature and committed to making sure our planet is available for future generations to enjoy.

Headshot of Tim Collins
Tim Collins

Product Designer

I'm driven by the opportunity to use technology to solve pressing environmental challenges and create a better world for future generations.

Headshot of Kevin Schneider
Kevin Schneider

Business Development and Partnerships

Excited to be creating tools and building connections with the best people in clean energy.

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This could be you

Join us

We are looking for passionate individuals who want to help us reduce the carbon footprint

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We’re just getting started! Join us

We’re hiring talented people who want to make an impact.
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It's time to electrify everything

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