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NOVEMBER 2, 2022

Electrical Contractor

Yes- In most installation cases, permits are required. Some electricians may offer to do electrical work without a permit. However, this presents risks to you and the electrician.

The best way to determine whether or not your EV charger installation requires an electrical permit is to contact your local municipal office or building department. Many municipalities will have this information posted online for easy homeowner access. Additionally, your state's administrative code will mention if permitting is required for electrical work in your area.

You can also discuss permitting with your electrician of choice to determine any needed steps. 

The following is from Washington State:

“WAC 296-46B-901 General—Electrical work permits and fees

General. (1) When an electrical work permit is required by chapter 19.28 RCW or this chapter, inspections may not be made, equipment must not be energized, or services connected unless: (a) A valid electrical work permit is obtained and posted per subsection (5) of this section; (b) The classification or type of facility to be inspected and the exact scope and location of the electrical work to be performed are clearly shown on the electrical work permit; (c) The address where the inspection is to be made is clearly identifiable from the street, road or highway that serves the premises; and (d) Driving directions are provided for the inspectors' use. (2) Except as allowed for annual permits and two-family dwellings, an electrical work permit is valid for only one specific job site address. 

Permit - Responsibility for. (3) Each person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other entity must furnish a valid electrical work permit for the installation, alteration, or other electrical work performed or to be performed solely by that entity. When the original purchaser is replaced, another entity may request, in writing, written approval from the chief electrical inspector to take responsibility for the work of the original installing entity under the original permit. If permission is not granted the entity must obtain a new permit for the remaining work.”

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