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October 6 2023

Bearing the moniker “the sunshine state,” it’s no surprise there is plenty of solar energy and several incentives related to purchasing and charging an electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid in Florida. 

Incentives like the ones from Florida utility providers continue to make home electrification more affordable in 2023 and beyond.

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With that, let’s get to the incentives you came here for!

What EV incentives are available in Florida?

Admittedly, there isn’t much to see when it comes to EV incentives in Florida outside of what the utility companies have to offer. However, we want to recognize what there is in hopes it grows into something bigger soon. 

Supplemental authority for improvements to real property

While there aren’t any incentives currently being offered by state-wide governing bodies or environmental groups in Florida, the precedent is there.

Per Florida Statutes 163.08 titled “Supplemental authority for improvements to real property,” local governments can give funding to property owners for the express purchase of improving their property with the addition of an EV charging station. 

We’re glad to see the groundwork in place for government-sponsored clean energy programs and we hope they begin springing up soon.

Utility-backed EV purchase and charging stations

Luckily for Florida residents, there are plenty of incentives for EV owners from utility companies. 

Florida Power & Light FPL EVolution Home

Florida Power & Light (FPL) offers an interesting incentive for customers with EVs: the FPL EVolution Home subscription program. 

Customers can choose between the “Full installation” plan which includes installing a 240-volt circuit and charger, ongoing maintenance, and pre-programmed charging settings. The “Equipment-only installation” uses an existing 240-volt circuit, but the charger + install is still included. 

Perhaps the best part of this deal is that the chargers are already programmed to charge during off-peak hours, saving you more on electricity. 

To enrol, visit the program website

Duke Energy’s off-peak charging credit 

With Duke Energy, customers using a level 2 EV charger can get $10 in credit to their monthly energy bill when they charge in off-peak hours. 

While it’s currently full, interested parties can still join the waitlist

Brickell Energy’s aFLoat program for property owners

The aFLoat Host Agreement is part of Brickell Energy’s aFLoat program

This service covers the total cost of hardware, management, and network service plans for property owners who provide on-site EV charging for their tenants. All the owner has to cover is the electrical connection. 

While this incentive clearly doesn't apply to everyone, we align with the program’s mission to create awareness and adoption around clean energy that reduces emissions.

Orlando Utilities Commission EV test drive & purchase incentives

Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) offers a $200 rebate to customers who purchase or lease an EV, as long as proof of purchase is submitted within six months of the transaction. 

In addition, customers who test drive an EV at an in-network dealership can earn a $50 gift card. 

Learn more about these programs and what else OUC is doing to enable electrification in Florida at their website

Kissimmee Utility Authority EV & charger rebates 

Kissimmee Utility Authority has a straightforward rebate program. Customers can earn back $100 when they purchase an electric vehicle, and another $100 for buying and installing a level 2 EV charger at home. 

Jacksonville Electric Authority’s panel upgrade and rate rebates

Jacksonville Electric Authority’s JEA ​Drive Electric is a helpful resource where customers can talk to an EV expert, learn about EV options, and of course apply for JEA’s rebate programs.  

If you need to replace your electrical panel, or just upgrade some wiring, in order for a level 2 charger to work in your home — JEA can help. The EV Home Charging Connection Rebate offers a 15% rebate or up to $300 toward the cost of getting your electrical up to snuff. 

But in order to take advantage of that rebate, you also have to be enrolled in this next program. 

With the JEA Charging Rebate, EV owners with level 2 chargers who juice up during off-peak hours can earn $7 in cash every month. 

Federal electric vehicle and charging incentives

We have one last incentive you will likely be able to layer with any of the above to boost your savings — the federal Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.  This act provides a tax credit for 30% of the cost, up to $1,000, of the purchase of an EV charger (for rural or low-income communities). 

In addition, taxpayers may receive as much as $7,500 in tax credits when they purchase a new fully electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid. For a used EV or hybrid, that number shifts to $4,000, max.

Interested in learning more — or applying for a tax credit? The IRS website has the scoop:

In 2024, tax credits for new and used EVs may become more accessible. The U.S. Department of the Treasury has proposed an update that would make tax breaks available as point-of-sale discounts. Keep an eye on our blog to follow this news with us!

Does an EV charger installation require a permit in Florida? 

Per the Florida Building Code (FBC), a building permit is required to do most electrical work — including upgrading electrical panels and adding new circuits. We don’t recommend skipping this step: Obtaining a permit is the best way to ensure the work is done safely, and that your home insurance policy will remain valid in the very unlikely event of a fire. 

As with all permits, the cost will range based on the type of work and where you live. Our network of Kopperfield Certified Electricians will include permits in your free online estimate. They’ll also handle the permit application and schedule an inspection on your behalf.

Connect with a qualified Florida electrician today

Get the permit you need to ensure a safe installation and access to all the rebates at your disposal when you work with a qualified local electrician.

Not sure where to start? Just use Kopperfield to request a quote. We’ll automatically connect you with a licensed, local-to-you electrician in one business day — taking you from quote to install in record time. 

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