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December 21 2022

We used ChatGPT to write this festive holiday story- enjoy!

On a crisp winter night, with the streets all a-glow, Santa sat in his sleigh, dusted in fresh white snow.

The people were sleeping, there wasn't a peep, even the cars were fast, fast asleep.

Dreams of home EV charging danced in their heads, wishing they had a charger for their batteries dead.

Santa heard the car's dreams and rushed into flight, pulling up his trusty Kopperfield site...

Santa Claus had always been passionate about sustainability and the environment. So when he heard about Kopperfield, a company that made it easy for people to install electric vehicle chargers in their homes, he knew he had to get involved.

As Santa began working with the Kopperfield team, he was amazed by how simple and hassle-free the process was. Kopperfield easily coordinated with customers to schedule a time for their installation, and the local electricians took care of the rest. Santa was impressed by the electricians' expertise and attention to detail. The electricians ensured that every installation aspect was up to code.

But Kopperfield didn't just stop at EV chargers. They also helped homeowners electrify their homes in a more modern and efficient way. Santa was excited to be a part of this process, knowing that he was helping people reduce their carbon footprint and live more sustainably. As he flew into the night, Santa couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

He knew he was making a difference in the world, one EV charger at a time.

Do you want high-speed home EV charging for the holidays? Click here to get started.

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