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March 7 2023

In Baltimore, Maryland, EV drivers can get back as much as $3,000 through one of the several rebate programs available to residents. This article will show you how, as well as walk you through many more Maryland electric vehicle incentives from a variety of organizations. 

Don’t live there? Don't worry. 

On the Kopperfield blog, we’ve been busy covering electric vehicle rebates by state. Check it out to see if we’ve covered where you live yet. And if we haven’t, stay tuned for more rebate news as well as other important information like how to choose the best charger, making sure your electrical panel is ready for home electrification, and so much more.

What are the Baltimore & Maryland electric vehicle incentives?

Let’s explore the programs from governing bodies and other groups that aim to make it more affordable for Marylanders, Baltimore residents included, to buy and drive their EVs.

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Rebate Program

First up is the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Rebate Program from Maryland Energy Administration (MEA). The EVSE Rebate Program offers a rebate to people, as well as businesses and small governments, who pay to purchase and install a qualified EV charger. 

For individuals, the rebate may cover as much as half the cost of your charger, up to $700 per charger. Learn more about the budget, backers, and how to get your rebate at the program's website

EV emissions inspection exemption

We see a lot of areas exercise this incentive — the emissions exemption. Per the Maryland transportation code, vehicles powered only by electricity don’t have to participate in emissions inspections, statewide.

Visit the Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program website for more information on how Maryland handles vehicle emissions. 

EV HOV lane exemption

With an HOV permit, any plug-in hybrid and electric car (with Maryland title and registration, of course) can drive in designated high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes all over Maryland — no matter the number of passengers. 

To find out if you meet the qualifications and how to apply for a permit, the website is here to help.

EV & Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Tax Credit

As of July 2023, Maryland residents with qualifying plug-in or fuel cell (aka hydrogen powered) electric vehicles may be eligible for an excise tax credit worth up to $3,000. 

This one-time credit is limited to one vehicle per person on a first-come, first-served basis while funding is still available. And, it only applies to new vehicles purchased and titled between July 2023 and July 2027.

Find out if you're eligible to take advantage of this deal, and how to, at

Do Maryland utilities offer electric vehicle incentives?

Now, let’s talk about what Baltimore and greater-Maryland residents can expect when it comes to EV rebates and incentives from local utility companies. 

Baltimore Gas and Electric EVsmart Program

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE), the primary electricity provider in Baltimore and the surrounding area, offers the EVsmart Program under which residential customers are eligible for a $50 annual incentive when they install Level 2 charging at home — and charge during off-peak hours.

That brings us to the second part of their EVsmart Program, which features time-of-use rates

This part of the plan helps customers who charge their EVs during off-peak hours save on electricity. BGE estimates enrolled customers could save around $120 per year with this program. 

For more information on what BGE has to offer EV drivers and to apply for their rebates, the utility’s promo page should be helpful. 

Here we want to note that there are other electric vehicle incentives from utility companies outside the Baltimore area. For other Marylanders, here are some offers to look into: 

Federal rebates for electric vehicles

Now how about some savings at the national level? 

With the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, taxpayers in rural or low-income communities are eligible for up to $1,000 in tax credits for the purchase and install of a home EV charging station. 

When buying a new EV or plug-in hybrid, U.S. citizens may also receive a tax credit for up to $7,500 — or $4,000 for used. 

How can you take advantage of this great tax credit program? The IRS website has all the info you need:

A new proposal from the U.S. Department of the Treasury could make tax credits for new and used EVs more accessible in 2024. Instead of waiting for their next annual tax return, buyers could get their discount right when they make their purchase at the dealership. This is exciting news that we expect will incentivize even more EV purchases.

Does installing an EV charger require a permit in Baltimore?

In Baltimore county, all electrical work requires a permit — which must be acquired by a licensed electrical contractor. We think that’s a good thing: Getting a permit ensures the work meets safety standards, and that your homeowner's insurance policy remains intact.

Permit fees range depending on the age of the building and type of electrical work, but most come in under $100. Kopperfield Certified Electricians make this process easy by filing for all permits and scheduling an inspection on behalf of the homeowner.  

Start your electrification journey with an easy EV charger install

Beginning to think that there is a lot you need to know about home EV charging, including how to buy an EV and get a charger installed for the best deal possible? 

You’d be right. 

While we’ve tried to cover most of the EV-related incentives in and around Baltimore, new programs come and go all the time. If you want to know about all the opportunities accessible to you, it’s best to get with local experts. 

Kopperfield has a network of skilled, licensed electricians who know all the rebates and incentives in markets across the U.S. 

To tap into their knowledge — and services — simply request a quote on our website. 

In a business day or less, one of our certified electricians in your area will be in touch to get the ball rolling on your easy EV charger install and home electrification journey. 

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