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February 17 2023

To select the right charger for your EV, you'll first want to determine the size of your EV’s battery.You can look this up on the battery itself or the manufacturer's website. 

Here are some common models and sizes (see chart)

battery sizes by car brand

Next, you’ll want to consider how fast you’ll need a charge on a regular basis

.Different Level 2 chargers charge at different speeds (see chart)

home ev charging comparison

Finally, you need to consider if your home can produce the power required for your desired charger. To learn more about this, see our article, "Should I replace my electrical panel?

Pro tip: You can rest easy knowing charging is error-proof for most cars. You can't accidentally fry your battery by plugging it into the wrong charger. If it fits your car, it will work, thanks to a safeguard in EV battery design that limits incoming power to the maximum amount the battery can handle.

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