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Jan 31 2024

You’ve built an electric vehicle (EV) charger installation business and now you’re ready to grow. Whether you’re looking to increase your monthly installs from five to twenty, dedicate a truck to three to four installs per day, or decrease your overhead per job, Kopperfield can help you win more bids, save time, and increase profits.

When you first started out, keeping track of bids, payments, and site visits was manageable. But as your business grows, juggling customer communication across email, SMS, and in person site visits becomes chaotic. There is no source of truth for customer communication, leaving you with an inefficient mess.
Kopperfield delivers a streamlined EV charger installation experience for customers through one integrated communication platform. Now you can focus on generating bids and completing installs.

Nurture your leads

You probably generate hundreds or even thousands of visitors per month from Yelp, Google, Tesla referral lists, and other sources. Kopperfield’s platform converts those visitors into customers.

Kopperfield creates customized web pages for Tesla owners and specific EV models to boost your SEO and conversion rate, especially if you’re on the Tesla approved installer list.

Beat competitors and save time

Remote site visits win bids and maximize efficiency. With Kopperfield, leads can easily submit photos, videos, and other details so that you can generate an accurate bid before the competition has even followed up.

Kopperfield’s optimized online forms conveniently generate leads with everything you need for a warm hand-off. Our tools go beyond a name and a phone number to provide property data, satellite imagery, and installation preferences to save you time and resources.

Kopperfield’s market pricing insights tell you where each bid is in comparison to other installers in your area. Market pricing insights let you create competitive bids without leaving money on the table.

Create a professional, easy-to-understand proposal in five minutes or ten professional bids in an hour with Kopperfield’s remote site visit tools.

Never lose a lead with centralized messaging

No more scattered texts and emails between your team members and customers. With centralized messaging in Kopperfield, all communications are stored in one place, regardless of who sent it.

Automated messaging goes farther

Customers can ask questions while reviewing your bid and even request installation dates through their individual project dashboard. You’ll receive notifications via email and you can view every message in your customer portal so you’re always up-to-date.

Automated reminders keep leads warm throughout the sales process, so you don’t have to remember to text and email leads after giving them a quote.

Get paid faster

When a customer accepts your bid, they provide a deposit instantly through our seamless checkout process—before you even visit their home.

Once the install is complete, payment hits your account within one to five days. No more waiting around and no more nagging customers.

Automate and simplify your back office

Kopperfield includes dozens of features to simplify business operations, from guiding customers through rebate qualifications to generating more five-star online reviews.

Win more bids and grow your business faster with Kopperfield. Book a free demo today to see how Kopperfield can grow and optimize your EV charger installation business.
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