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January 26, 2023

Picking the ideal location for your home EV charger

EV plugged into a Level 2 charger outside of someone's home.
To fully enjoy EV ownership, you'll want to pick the most convenient location possible for your home EV charging station. You'll want charging to be as easy as pulling up to a gas pump. Consider the ideal amount of space between your EV and your home charger. Leave some room for error, too.
Here are additional considerations to keep in mind.

How close is your home's electrical panel?

The distance from your charger to your home's electrical panel goes a long way in determining the cost of your installation. If cost becomes a concern, you can consider options like backing your car into the garage.

Will you add another EV?

If you plan to add another EV to your household, you'll want to consider if the same location will work for both cars or if you'll need to pay to install a second wall unit.

A note on safety

Consider if the charging cord might present an ongoing tripping hazard for you or your family.
It's generally recommended that you install cable protectors to prevent exposed cables from becoming tripping hazards or incurring damage. Getting your cables and charging system checked regularly will also help ensure safety is maintained throughout the lifetime of your charging station.

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